Nanotechnology Imaging
and Detection Laboratory

Current Members

Chrysafis Andreou
Principal Investigator
Full CV
Yiota Gregoriou Research Scientist
Targeted Nanomedicine for Aggressive Breast Cancer
Marios Constantinou Marie Curie Fellow
Breath Analysis for Colon Cancer Screening
Marios Stavrou Postdoctoral Researcher
Microfluidic Platforms for Nanomedicince
Christoforos Panteli Marie Curie Fellow
Breath Analysis for Early Sepsis Detection
Aliki Souzou PhD Candidate
Coupling of plasmonic and semiconducting nanoparticles
Kyriaki Kekkou MSc Student
Fabrication and actuation of a gut-on-chip system
Ayobami Fidelix MSc Student
Nanoparticle uptake in genetically engineered Fly models
Anna DemetriouSenior Thesis Student
Dielectrophoresis of microparticles and nanowires
Nika RegginouSenior Thesis Student
Microfluidic handling of zebra fish
Kyriaki KaskiriSenior Thesis Student
In flow synthesis of nanoparticles
Nikolas MartoudisSenior Thesis Student
Medical Imaging with Raman Spectroscopy
Christodoulos NikiforouSenior Thesis Student
In-line absorbance photospectrometer

Former Members

Katerina Hadjigeorgiou
UTI diagnosis with SERS
Evangelia Athanasiou
Senior Thesis
Fluorescent nanoparticles for cell imaging
Prodromos Prodromou
Senior Thesis
Simulations of plasmonic nanoparticles
Vasileios Constanti
Senior Thesis
Alignment of histology images via affine transforms
Kypriana Antoniou
Senior Thesis
Inertial microfluidic flow for cell separation
Elina Panteli
Senior Thesis
Detection of Covid-19 antibodies via SERS
Dimitris Karakostas
Senior Thesis
E-cigarette sampling device for chemical analysis of vapors
Panayiotis Meliniotis
Senior Thesis
UI development for transistor characterization
George Mishis
Senior Thesis
Communication system for deaf athletes Aid4All
Christos Pitsillos
Senior Thesis
Communication system for deaf athletes Aid4All
Antri Papasavva
Senior Thesis
Organic Electrochemical Transistor Characterization
Stefani Kanga
Senior Thesis
Color-based analysis of histology images
Ionela Filip
Senior Thesis
Chemical analysis of e-cigarette vapor via SERS
Fotini Mesaritou
Senior Thesis
Nanoparticle uptake by tumor spheroids
Loizos Savva
Summer Intern
SERS detection of nicotine in e-cigarette vapor
Rosemary Pedregon
Summer Intern
Fabrication and characterization of microfluidic devices
Kristia Savva
Summer Intern
Fish-in-chip microfluidic system
Sonia Kakoulli
Summer Intern
Fish-in-chip microfluidic system
Yovana Dentika
Summer Intern
Identification of bacteria via SERS
Demetres Vrakas
Summer Intern
Breathtaking Apparatus
Agapi Lambrinopoulou
Summer Intern
Breathtaking Apparatus